Agile Architecture: sketchnote


Sketchnote of the great talk by Molly Dishman and Martin Fowler on Agile Architecture. You can watch the video from the conference here.

“There is a common misconception that architecture is thrown out the window when a team or organization is developing software in an agile fashion, but where does this myth stem from? Surely, there is some truth behind this thinking. We’ll talk about some of the underlying assumptions that support this belief in order to build a common understanding of what it really means to be developing in an agile fashion. During the second half of this talk, we’ll move from the conceptual thinking into some practical suggestions from our experiences — what we’ve seen that works and highlight some practices to avoid. In the end, the audience will know how to bring architectural thinking into teams to support the higher level goals of application architecture.”

5 thoughts on “Agile Architecture: sketchnote

  1. Thanks for dropping by and ‘liking’ posts at implementationmatters, you have some interesting articles on here as well, will come by later and read a few more,


    1. Thank you) I think it’s too messy, my friends say it is hard to read)) But it’s more notes for me only, not the public – I can remember the topic easily after creating it)

      1. Purpose is served. Its understandable that u had to cover so many thing in a single sheet . but u have highlighted important ones in bold . so its catchy .

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