Ideal Project Manager 1.0, boxed

Several months ago I was leaving one of the best teams I worked with. I wanted to leave them something, that will help them coping with any issues they would have. That is when the idea of “Ideal Project Manager 1.0” came to my mind. Developers usually complain that PMs are doing nothing during the working hours, they are only telling everyone how they should work. I am close to this idea too, so I created this ultimately cost-efficient version of project manager which can 100% replace your PM. This PM works 24h/day, 7 days/week  and can 100%  replace the ordinary PM. Functionality includes all the good PM features – it provides you a piece of advice or direct command every time you have issue or task to solve.

So, I want to share with you this unique product, so it can help your teams too. Say hello “Project manager 1.0”!


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Anatomy of fun

“Fun is all about our brains feeling good”

Raph Koster, The theory of fun for game design

We all talk a lot about fun at work, fun in life and different activities. But what it is? Identifying it and understanding it will help a lot for those managers, who want not to vanish fun in the working process.

I want to start with a bit of designers have spent much time on creating their theories of fun. Let’s look at several of them:

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Intrinsic motivations for PMs and over-justification effect

I have spent a lot of time thinking about working fun, creating that atmosphere of the excitement and strong internal motivation in the teams. So when I watched the lectures by Kevin Werbach on Coursera about the intrinsic motivation I wanted to stand up and yell “Got it!”. After thinking for 5 min more I realized, that there is no silver bullet, but again – smart people have thought about that for a long time and wrote a lot of books, which I should read)). So it is the long way ahead.

It all starts when we are talking about rewards.

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