Product idea inception – discovery exercise

I became much lazier during the last couple of years – I need to hear a good reason to start doing something. The same when it comes to work – “why?” became one of my favourite questions. I discovered how many things are done without the reason. Ask “Why do we need this new type of report?”  and then repeat the question unless you get deep to the real reason. When you finally get to smth the like “Because everyone does it!” – you can show the maximum understanding of the problem on your face while leaving the room and going to the kitchen to prepare a cup of coffee and get back to reading Reddit. Try and you’ll be surprised too.

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Intervieving your users

Observing is a great things to find out a lot about your end users, but in addition to this it is also valuable to interview them. Unfortunately, when it comes to the practise we make the same mistakes again and again. We are asking questions, which are difficult to answer – so the people we are interviewing are just sitting and looking at us, wondering about our intellectual potential. Or involving our relatives and get surprisingly good feedback about our ideas…:) Let’s go through the common recipe.

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