Intervieving your users

Observing is a great things to find out a lot about your end users, but in addition to this it is also valuable to interview them. Unfortunately, when it comes to the practise we make the same mistakes again and again. We are asking questions, which are difficult to answer – so the people we are interviewing are just sitting and looking at us, wondering about our intellectual potential. Or involving our relatives and get surprisingly good feedback about our ideas…:) Let’s go through the common recipe.

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Testing prototypes: dreams can be really powerful

In the last article I was writing about the prototyping. Actually, we spent a lot of time doing that for mobile applications we create, as we definitely need some way to estimate our ideas before they are developed. The next step – when you have the prototype ready – to show it to your users. On one hand you want to give the feedback from people as soon as possible, but on the other hand to get tha feedback you need to show them something that works.

So how we would test our rapid prototypes with users?

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